Search is simple. Go to the search page, enter search criterias and press the Search button. To search for paintings from 1975, enter 1975 as start date, choose painting as a work type, and press Search.

A search result page will appear, containing mathing hits.


If you want to search on a specific time period, enter start and end dates. If only one year is indicated, this is used for both start and end year. It is possible to use formats yyyy and yyyy-mm-dd , where yyyy = year, mm = month, dd = day.


Results of a search can be sorted by different rules (the default is to be sorted by date). If you want to search and list all works chronologically, select year as sorting and the result is sorted accordingly.


Select the work type to be searched, it is possible to search for types like paintings, sculptures and articles.

Pages for search results

If there are more hits than can be displayed on one page, browse through them via the page numbers at the bottom of the search result page.

Full information on Louis works

On the the search result page, it's possible to click on the thumbnails to get detailed information (opens in a new window). The size of the image on the new page can be changed by selecting a antoher scaling just above the picture (you choose % of the original size, where 100% is full size).


The web site has been translated into various languages via Google Translate. Press one of the flags at the bottom of the page to get it translated to another language (opens in a new window).

Insights and short presentation

For a glimpse of Louis life and work, click the link on the front page.


All works have a unique id that is used for identification. Please give this id in case of questions.

Just find a random work

On the front page, click on the signature to find and show a random art work.